I will interview your music video on a mainstream music blogs, radio, TV site

Favorite0VIDEO INTERVIEW + VIDEO PROMOTION ON RADIO AND TV CHANNEL Get a video interview with the host of MTV. He’ll ask you about your music and maybe even show you a magic trick via Skype. The video will be posted to RMTV and made available for you to share. Music lovers from all over the […]

I will do gospel music promotion on gospel social pages, websites, radio, TV

Favorite0<<<YOU ARE HIGHLY WELCOME TO THIS POWERFUL GIG DESCRIPTION> GOSPEL MUSIC MARKETING! GOSPEL MUSIC PR0MOTION!! GOSPEL SUBMIT The evidence of our pr0motion and interviews will prove our incredibility and professional artwork, How do we work? I work with Christain association that based their profession on music production, music pr0motion, music writers, music composer, music voiceover […]

I will do viral gospel music promotion and gospel music playlist

Favorite0Are you looking for an organic Christian music, pro-motion? You’re just in the right place. I will do your Christian music pr0-m0tion to a great audience and do real and organic Christian Music pr0m0tion for you. I am connected to various social media platforms in which I am in Christian groups. Here is what I […]