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Welcome to my Gig Hi, I’m Santproo, a certified digital marketer, and marketing expert. Are you worried about your low Etsy listing sales? I will advance your Etsy marketing by using quality Etsy seo backlinks which will make you rank on google and etsy search engine. I will advertise your store to buying and selling […]

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HELLO, Are you having low & no visitors, together with getting low sales in your shop? Are you looking for a way to get Organic traffic that will lead to sales? For your Etsy store, I will do exclusive marketing. I will put your company ahead of the competition. It will be done in a professional […]

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HI!!!!!!! Do own a Etsy STORE and you are looking for a digital marketing expert that can advertise your etsy store’s products to your targeted etsy traffic so that you gain a lot of visibility and etsy sales? If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place. I’ll help you pr0mote and market your […]

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HELLO, Do you own an Esty store? Do you demand for a productive pro-motion to gain attraction and exposure to your etsy shop ? Then I’m just here for you!  I am a professional digital marketer with years of experience in digital marketing, SEO, Etsylisting, Etsy promotion and Etsy sales funnel.  I will render etsy […]

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 I Help Brands Tell Their Story Through Strategic Digital Marketing. My greatest source of pride is in the growth and success of our client’s business. I am a Full-Time Digital Marketing Freelancer On Fiverr. Extremely passionate about helping small and large companies grow their online visibility and revenue through digital channels. I take a very […]

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This viral marketing service will bring targeted traffic to your Etsy shop or product. What I’m going to do is: use a private automated advertising network to market your Etsy business Where? on well-known social media platforms (to social communities, groups, collections, etc). More information can be found in the FAQ section. ETSY SALES ARE […]

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welcome to etsy promotion Are you getting tired of getting bot visitors to your etsy shop, etsy store Did you need real and organic etsy traffic to your etsy business? i provide real, organic, best and secure etsy pr0motion, if you need an etsy sales to your business with the best marketing strategy you are […]

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Hello great buyer   Welcome to Etsy Gig promotion, DO PROFITABLE SALES PROMOTION FOR YOUR ETSY STORE marketing and website traffic Are you seeking out Etsy and Shopify marketing experts that will help you to increase the results of your web store, SEO, Shopify to save placed to a higher position above digital advertising impressions? I […]