I will design sales funnel, landing page,automation on getresponse

0 Hello, do you own a shopify store ?Are you not getting traffic or your traffic are not leading to sales?No worries, I will set up a well structured marketing strategy, that will increase sales and surpass other competitor. By setting a lead conversion funnel for your storeYou can contact me to get started Looking […]

I will do getresponse, landing page, campaign for email marketing

0 Hello friends, welcome to my gig my brand name is Enhanced LTP and I will like you to know that I will provide qualitative and quantitative value to you if you make the decision to order my gig with my years of experience in digital marketing, email Marketing is the most cost-effective way to […]

I will do blast bulk campaign, form page, landing page for your

0 You do need high sales in your business and standard relationship with your audience. This and more I can do for you. I am the email marketer who upgrades business sales and customer base. According to research, email marketing is the most effective way of promoting your business and converting visitors to regular customers. […]

I will do bulk email marketing for your business

0 I can provide Bulk Email Marketing for your Products or Services. We have managed dedicated servers that we can use to provide bulk email marketing services to your provided list. We can also create customized email marketing templates for your bulk email marketing. What can I provide: Bulk Email Marketing Email templates Email content Email Campaign Reports Open and Bounce […]

I will design a high converting sales funnel landing page on mailchimp click funnel

0   I will design a high converting sales funnel landing page on mailchimp HELLO, WELCOME TO MY GIG   I am Bethsmart with 4yrs experience on the landing page. I will be create a wonderful responsive high converting landing pages and sales funnels that will convert your visitor to your valuable customers and also […]

I will do email newsletter design, mailchimp email newsletter, email template

0 Have you been bothered figuring out the best way to reach your audience and customers to convince them and make conversions? you don’t have to worry any longer, you are now in the best place to get it done. My main goal here is to help you achieve all your desires and that is always […]

I will write welcome email sequence that convert new subscribers to potential clients

1+ How much New Subscribers of yours being your Potential Clients? 5%, 10% or 20%? It’s Amazed when you see that Many of having That ratio like, 50% to 60%. You know why? Because they touch the Emotional values of Subscribers. They know that Math Equation is, Lack of Engagement = lack of interest… in […]

Setup convertible email marketing for your shopify store

0 HELLO GREAT PEOPLE Are you dreaming on how high your return of investment will be if you launch email campaign to get new customers that has never buy from you before,lost customers and customers that abandoned their cart sometimes ago during the course of transaction.if yes this is the best gig for you and […]

Design a mailchimp email automated newsletter template

0 I specialize in mailchimp template design, I am an expert in template on contract basis. I will design a mailchimp newsletter incorporating your text, photos and links. I will add social media and I will design an email newsletter for any kind of business . Doesn’t matter which email service provider you are using, the mailchimp email template will work 100% perfectly with […]