I will write strong high converting Facebook ad copy

Hi, Thanks for checking out my gig. If you are focused on writing strong, high performing ad copy that attract the attention of your target audience within couple of seconds, then this gig is for you. I pride myself in utilizing relevant keywords, phrases or sentences to create short and clear copies that showcase the […]

I will write compelling email copy for your email marketing campaign

Write compelling email copy for your email marketing campaign Are you facing low conversion rates for your emails? Do you want your emails to convert like crazy? Do you want them to become a money-making machine for you? Guess what? I GOT YOU COVERED! I am a DR copywriter and email marketing expert. I have studied the […]

I will promotional emails for you, email copywriting for your business

Hello. Do you have an email list that you sell to but don’t know how to write sales email that will make them buy or take an action? Then you are welcome to the right gig! I’m a professional marketer and copywriter and I’ve helped many business generate more revenue from their email list by […]

I will klaviyo email copywriting template design newsletter sales copy shopify campaign

KLAVIYO EMAIL COPYWRITING TEMPLATE DESIGN NEWSLETTER SALES COPY SHOPIFY CAMPAIGN Are you looking for a powerful email marketing software? Do you have a Shopify store and need help tracking your email marketing? Are you searching for an all-in-one Email Marketing, SMS and Campaign Automation provider that also Ecommerce stores running on Shopify? SCHEDULE A DEMO […]

I will email copywriting, email marketing campaign content, write sales copy content

I will email copywriting, email marketing campaign content, write sales copy content Failing to engage with customers via email, despite knowing the huge marketing potential it has? Your time is valuable and you feel you can be doing more valuable work than writing content that hits the inboxes of potential clients?  Let’s talk about how […]

I will write sales email copy, email sequence ad copy for email blast to drive sales

How does using any of my 8 key emotional triggers for your product marketing sound to you? Results have always been great! I am a creative writer and an expert in copywriting with several years of experience. I specialize in helping brands get a direct response and generate sales through newsletters. I don’t just write […]

I will do email marketing, email campaign, email email template, copywriting, email copy

Welcom to my amazing gig! MY GIG IS ALL ABOUT: setup email marketing ,, email campaign, email copywriting ,email template, email copy, on any email marketing platforms like getresponse or mailchimp etc. What is Email Marketing? Email marketing is the use of email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers or clients. It […]

I will do email copy, email copywriting, email content, email series, email

“Let’s be candid” Do you want an email series that makes you money in massive return? Do you actually want a copy of delighted good earnings? Then, you are in a right channel to get that. I’ll write you copy that focuses on creating and distributing values, relevant and entrap contents that attract, retain a defined […]

I will create awesome email copywriting for your email marketing list

People buy emotionally and justify logically, when it comes to email marketing, you need an email copywriting and sales letter expert who knows how to push all the right ’emotional and psychological triggers’ that will cause your audience to take action. You already have amazing products/services, all you need now is a great sales copy that breaths of life into it… […]

I will write creative content writing for all your needs

You need a simple, clear and creative writing for your website, blog or campaign? Don’t sweat it! You have to order me right away because that’s what I’m best at. I focus on breaking down complex topics to create more compelling and mind blowing content. I know how to keep it simple and concise, however, […]