I will create 3d second life assets, 3d model and 3d footwear

Favorite0Hello, Are you looking for a 3d expert to help you make high quality second life designs and bring them to life? Yes, I do that. I am willing to provide a high-quality designs that is tailored to your individual fantasy. I will provide you with individual turnarounds and breakdowns to achieve whichever variations you […]

I will do 3d rigging and animation for Maya, unreal, unity, 3ds max

Favorite0 About This Gig FEEL FREE TO MESSAGE ME FIRST BEFORE PLACING THE ORDER. DO NOT ORDER WITHOUT CONSULTING:   Hi, My name is SAAD, Welcome to 3D modeling and ANIMATION gig. I’m a professional 3D Artist, visualizer and Modeler with 6+ years of experience. I will do 3D Models and Assets for your games and camera filters and Product Modeling, Texture and Rendering for amazon etc according to your concept. Software: -Autodesk Maya -Substance […]

I will 3d animator and 3d artist

Favorite0hi, I am working with Maya, and I am 3d artist this my proposal portfolio……i hope you can see my portfolio and higher me for this work >>>https://www.facebook.com/StsRumi.Animation.Drawing/ >>>https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1c1Av2YVhuQsSNcwPcm9rVrBaXb5q2AGe?usp=sharing >>>https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl5wAjZBsOGg6Qvk1weOK-w >>>https://tanvirrumi.artstation.com/

I will your 3d model, character and do game animation

Favorite0Do you need someone to rig your 3D characters in blender and Maya with sophisticated bespoke controls? You are in the proper location. I am Bee, a seasoned specialist in 3D rigging with more than six years of expertise using Maya and Blender. I’ve worked for several organizations and individuals that have given me good […]

I will do 3d modeling, animation and rigging in blender

Favorite0My name is Crown, CEO Crown3dblitz I am a skilled Blender artist that loves to render his Blender skills and experiences to everyone that wants to get a 3D rendering and animation project done.       With this Gig, I can provide you with unique characters, objects and environment for different purpose. You do […]