Republish as recent and Reshare your FiverrBox listings

Points System Feature

We have integrated a new feature based on a Point System to allow our members to republish as recent and reshare their listed Fiverr Gigs. Our purpose is to give the opportunity to our members to be more interactive with our platform and get the best of our services. Earning points will give you the chance to redeem them by republishing as recent and resharing your Fiverr gigs without losing your backlinks to FiverrBox and Fiverr as indexed in search engines. For that reason, we removed the option to be able to delete your listings and create them from the beginning. It needs time and traffic to make your backlinks more than active and visible.

Backlinks Indexed

When you create first time your FiverrBox account for and list your Fiverr gigs exactly as in Fiverr with the same username, you create backlinks in search engines to FiverrBox and Fiverr links included. These backlinks are shared massively to socials and republished whenever possible, gain visibility, and become stronger and more active in search engines. The tags and your username hashtag are important on social. What is the benefit?

Your Fiverr gigs maybe somewhere lost in Fiverr and nobody sees but your FiverrBox listings are on the net and they are more approachable in search results. It is easier for someone to find your services in FiverrBox than in Fiverr. But FiverrBox links interested visitors back to Fiverr. This is the most important. Remember. FiverrBox is hosting your Fiverr Gigs and sharing them socially to approach buyers for you back in Fiverr.

Earning Points to Redeem

You can earn points as follows:

Login to your account1 Point / Day
Like a Post (Updated*)1 Point Per Like / 8 Limit per Day
Affiliate Member5 Points Per Member/ 3 Limit Per Day

Affiliate Link

Your Points Balance and the option to republish and reshare your FiverrBox listings are available at the bottom of your Dashboard. You need 50 points to have the option enabled and you can’t repeat it in less than 7 days.

Any member is rewarded for activity on our platform. Visiting daily, exploring and liking Fiverr gigs in FiverrBox, and introducing FiverrBox to friends becoming our members, it is possible to have your listings republished every week and keep them active and visible increasing their backlinks strength.

Become an active user and make your gigs active, too.