Remove malware,fix redirecting issue and blacklist removal

I will Fix your hacked WordPress site or hacked WordPress blog and secure within 4-8 hours and up to 24 hours.I will clean/delete or remove Malware or any obfuscated or Malicious code from your WordPress website.Cleaned 1k+ WordPress hacked websites offline and online till now
✔️ Infected with Malware
✔️ Google Adwords Ads Disapproved as Malware infected
✔️ Suspended by Hosting Company
✔️ Redirecting to Spam Website
✔️ Blacklisted by Go0gle
✔️ Google search engine Showing Japanese keywords
✔️ Vulnerability Testing & Remove Malware
✔️ Fix Malicious/spam Redirecting or popups
✔️ Fix Phishing notice
✔️ Remove“This site may be hacked” Message from go0gle search engine
✔️ Fixing the Japanese keyword hack issue
Google Adwords Remove Malware =>>$120+
What Type off Security I Will Do:
✔️ User Accounts Security
✔️ User Login Security
✔️ Protect htaccess file
✔️ Protect wp-config.php file
✔️ Disable PHP Shell or Backdoor execution
✔️ Restrict Direct Access to Plugin and Theme PHP files
✔️ Protect Website from SQL Injection
✔️ Block WordPress XMLRPC Requests

✔️ Protect XSS Attack

Note: Before placing an order contact me for making an effective Deal
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