I will reduce the loading time of your website and improve website speed performance


=== Mobile version 90+ desktop version 95+ Score guaranty===

=====I Work only on WordPress website=====

Note: You will get me many Premium plugins with a license key for 1 year for your WordPress website speed optimization (Standard & Premium package)

**What kind of damage happens when the site is slow?

A slow website will go to a poor user experience. Your bounce rate will grow. Page views will drop. Most important, you will lose money

**The First site means


**best user experience, minimum bounce rates.

**Highly Optin, improve ROI and conversion rates.

**Faster sites create happy users.

**I will Improve your Website


**Field data and Lab data 

**First Contentful Paint.

**Time to Interactive.

**Speed Index.

**Total Blocking Time.

**Largest Contentful Paint.

**Cumulative Layout Shift.



**Reduce initial server response time.

**Eliminate render-blocking resources.

**Reduce unused JavaScript HTML And CSS.

**Serve images in next-gen formats.

**Reduce the impact of third-party code. 

**Minimize main-thread work. 

**Reduce JavaScript execution time. 

**on-time and fast delivery.

WordPress speed specialist

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Fiverr Gig Price ($) : 20

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