I will perform website, API e2e automation testing with cypress, playwright, cucumber



I am Software Test Automation Engineer & Security Expert and have 3 Years of Professional experience in QA Testing and Reviewing Web & Mobile Apps.

What You Will Get:

I will automate the web application using Cypress and give you a Bugs report with suggestions for improvements.

▣ End-to-end automated script writing for testing web apps UI using Cypress, playwright framework.

▣ Automation BDD framework with Cypress, Playwright, Cucumber, JavaScript, Mocha, Chai

▣ Automation TDD framework with Cypress, Playwright, JavaScript, Mocha, Chai

▣ Automation Framework designing (Page Object Model, Hybrid Model)

▣ Include detailed Mocha awesome or Cucumber HTML, Allure, and Extend test reports.

▣ Bug Report with a proper summary

▣ API testing using cypress, Playwright

Expertise automation tools: 

▣ Cypress, Playwright, Selenium

▣ Appium

▣ JUnit, TestNG, Mocha, Chai, Allure

▣ Cucumber, Robot-Framework

▣ JMeter, Postman

▣ Agile Jira, Trello, Test Case, Bug Report

Project: Maven, Gradle, NPM

IDE: IntelliJ, Eclipse, Vs-code, Py-charm, Android Studio

Programming Language: Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP


Note: Quality is first. Let’s work together to enhance your product!

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Fiverr Gig Price ($) : 20

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