I will do osint investigation information gathering or background check specially US


I am a Security Analyst & OSINT Professional. I can find information of any person and company.

Internet is the great source of information. It content a lot of information in the database. I will help you to find the information which one you needed. I will collect and analyze information form online or open sources.



OSINT report includes :

  • Target’s information
  • Information from Social Media
  • Target’s family members, locations, contacts, activities
  • Target’s Photos, Videos and History
  • Background Checking
  • Criminal Record
  • Worldwide Research
  • Company and Investor
  • Website ownership
  • Network architecture (i.e. IP’s, domains, technology, etc…)
  • And More…



If you have any question, please feel free to ask me.

Note : Please, contact me before placing order for further information and an effective deals.


Thank you.

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