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There are few things in life you buy hoping to never use. Insurance is one of those things.

That’s why marketing and selling it can be so difficult. Nobody really wants insurance. What they want is for their home to remain safe from natural disasters. They want to avoid car accidents at all costs. They want to never lose their luggage on a vacation to Europe.

Unfortunately, these things happen. So, insurance marketers like you make people think “what if?” Then, you sell them peace of mind in the form of a policy.

But that comes after a long process that usually involves exams, estimates, and appraisals. So in the digital age, how do you get prospects to take that first step by requesting a quote from your agency?

Insurance landing page is a standalone web page with a singular goal: compel people to take action. It uses persuasive elements like social proof and attention-grabbing media to to convince visitors to convert. In insurance terms, that could mean “get a quote,” or any other business’s marketing goals.

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