I will do fix google merchant center suspension misrepresentation issue updated way


Fix Google Merchant Center Suspension and Misrepresentation issue Updated Way.

I will work with you to get your Google Merchant Center account reinstated and the suspension rectified and lifted so that you may conduct successful shopping marketing campaigns and increase your sales if it has been suspended due to misrepresentation or any other policy violation.

Problems with the Misrepresentation Policy are challenging to resolve because Google refuses to reveal or provide instructions on how to do so. You will never be able to speak with the specific Google Policy Team that manages all of the issues for Google Ads, Google Merchant Center, and Google My Business.

Fixing All Types of Merchant Centers:

  1. Reactive your Google Merchant Center Suspension Issue
  2. Fix Misrepresentation issues
  3. Fix all Errors GMC All feed
  4. Manual and Automatic feed
  5. Missing or Incorrect Required attribute (Price/Color/Gender/Size)
  6. Invalid or Missing GTIN/MPN/UPC value
  7. Item Disapproved issue due to policy violation
  8. Tax & Shipping Setup
  9. Fix 404-page error

Platform Work:

  1. Shopify
  2. WordPress

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