I will do advanced SEO keyword research and competitor analysis for top ranking


Undertaking in-depth advanced SEO keyword research is essential to running a successful online business. Websites with a solid foundation, built upon proper kwd research and competitor analysis, are much more likely to survive and thrive in the competitive digital landscape.

Conducting competitor analysis is crucial to identify your competitors’ tactics and strategies to achieve results. This knowledge can help you save time and money by avoiding unsuccessful strategies and adopting those that work.

The main objective of kwd research is to identify profitable words and phrases with low competition and high search volume. Doing so can attract massive traffic to your website and generate significant revenue for your business.

SEO Keyword Research:

Handpicked best

High Search Volume

Long Tail Keywords

Low Competition keyword

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Content ideas (blogs & gifts)

Competitor Analysis:

Complete Analysis of Top 3 to Top 12 Competitors

Competitor’s Organic kwd

Competitor’s Organic Traffic

Competitors Backlinks

Competitors Top Pages

What is required from you to begin?

Your Niche

Targeted Country

Top competitor

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