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The way in which you promote your store has a major bearing on your success. This is why it is important to invest some time in finding the right marketing methods to advertise your business, while maximizing your return.

Shopify offers a free 14-day trial plan to new customers, which is a great way of testing the waters and seeing what works for you. They also offer a Shopify Plus plan with enterprise-level features.

The average cost of marketing a new store on Shopify is $1,500 to $2,100 per month.

Customers want to be able to purchase goods from a variety of e-commerce retailers and expect the same high level of customer service and quick delivery that they receive at the retail store. This is where marketing your Shopify store comes into play. The most important part about marketing your Shopify store is understanding who your target audience is and what will attract them to make a purchase from you as opposed to someone else selling the same thing or something similar.

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