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hello there, You are welcome to my etsy or shopify virtual assistant gig.

Let’s face it, You wear a lot of hats being successful in business and in life and you don’t have to wear them all. You can do more in less time and make a bigger impact when you’re able to concentrate on what you do best while your dedicated virtual assistant takes care of the rest.

What sets my virtual assistant gig apart from the rest is more than just my unique onboarding experience, but also in the value I place in each carefully vetted project I take on.

My Shopify virtual assistant task include:

  • shopify product description.
  • shopify marketing or promotion,
  • shopify store website design.
  • shopify website redesign.
  • shopify product upload.
  • shopify order fulfilment.
  • shopfy product research.
  • and general store management.

Etsy shop task include.

  • setup etsy shop.
  • etsy shop seo.
  • etsy shop promotion.
  • etsy banner design.
  • etsy product listing.
  • etsy product description.
  • etsy store product research.

My Goal is to help you increase conversions for your brand or business with updated services and expertise.

Contact me now as I look forward to working with you.


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