I will promote your music to 3000 college radio stations




I have 6+ years of experience as a college radio DJ and music director and have spent another 5+ in radio promotion for indie labels, with an emphasis on college radio. This experience gives me the insights on how best to promote your music. 

If you want to get your music played on radio, you NEED to get it heard by the people who control the airwaves, MUSIC DIRECTORS.

I have a database and connections with over 3000 music directors and DJs at college/non-commercial radio around the world. I will send a custom email to these people with your music and information about yourself/band and a description of the song. 

Because music directors and DJs have the final say on what they play, I can’t guarantee radio spins. However, in my experience having high quality music and a format that they can digest quickly and easily, raises your chances of success.

Let’s work together and take your career to the next step!

Now offering premium gig extras including:

  • Professional Smartlink
  • Feature your music on a blog
  • 100 word review + feature on home page of blog

Kindly contact me or feel free place your order.

Best regard

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