I will be providing you a personal timely prophetic message from god


Do you know that Every month is loaded with blessings, breakthroughs etc but many people never received theirs because they don’t actually know that God has made a divine provision of these Good things for them. But with the help of a prophet, you can know the mind of God for you for this month and you will know what to do to actualize and manifest the blessings God has for you in the new month.

I will also pray for you if you need deliverance form any of these:

  • * Healing from Infirmities
  • * Deliverance from spiritual Oppression
  • * For the salvation of a loved one
  • * More profit in Business
  • * Marriage.
  • * Knowing the will of God in Marriage or carrier
  • * ETC

I invite you to request your PROPHETIC WORD NOW. It is vital to HEAR from the FATHER in order to ALIGN yourself with His revealed destiny for your life in the coming months.


Order this gig now and let the Oracle of God, Prophet PAUL tell you the mind of God.

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