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VTuber is an online entertainer who uses a virtual avatar generated using computer graphics.

VTubers, are online entertainers, who are typically Japanese-speaking You Tubers or live streamers. They use (usually anime-inspired) computer graphics-generated avatars created with programs such as Live2D and with characters designed by online artists.

A virtual influencer who primarily shares their life on YouTube. Some VTubers are motion captured and rendered in real-time by a human actor, while others are animated using a more traditional VFX pipeline. The vast majority of VTubers are anime characters who Livestream.

A VTuber, or Virtual YouT uber, is someone who streams using a virtual model, instead of their real face. The models come in all forms, each being individually commissioned for the user

Vtuber is short for “Virtual Youtuber”, which refers to fictional characters that upload videos or broadcast live just as Youtuber.

In Vtuber, your real appearance will not be shown. CG characters that have been modified are used in videos including game broadcast, live broadcast, gig, and many other forms and posted on Youtube.

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