I will gracefully write resume, cv and cover letter within 8 hours

A resume is not just a document that describes our qualification, skill, and experience but it is a tool for personal branding, which interact with the recruiter and HR before we do.

According to research, a recruiter or HR spends less than 7 seconds to judge a resume. So having a polished and eye-catching resume will make you stand out from piles of other resumes.

I will get you, your dream job through a professional resume, cv writing with a cover letter which, land a great first impression upon a recruiter or HR for graduate, entry-level, professional, and executive positions within 8 hours.

So stop waiting and feel free to drop me a message, see you!


  1. Editing and rewriting resume including grammar, phrasing, keywords, and more
  2. Adding a strong executive summary at the top that captures your experience and skills
  3. Defining data and success metrics that provide a powerful base to any achievement
  4. Clean and professional eye-catching design
  5. Achievement based resume/CV, ATS keyword optimization
  6. A cover letter that can be easily modified for different jobs
  7. 100% Client Satisfaction
  8. Timely Service Delivery
  9. Client’s Privacy Assurance
  10. Fully Editable
  11. Unlimited Revision
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