I will do organic youtube promotion, super fast monetization for super growth


My name is FOCUSSTAR and my quest in life is to help people create a Passive Income funnel from an online source and by that get out of the 8 to 5 matrix!

I will do a professional campaign for 100% organic growth, YouTube monetization goals: 4K view duration and 1K Subscribers!

What do you get from this gig?

  •  100% Real and Organic
  •  24/7 Hours Support
  •  100 % Satisfaction guaranteed 
  •  Results START Appearing in 24-82 hours

Our Promotion methods :

  • We Use social media like, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, to promote your videos.
  • We Do SEO back-link for your YouTube videos
  • We run paid add campaign to share your videos.
  • We use popular s-ocial media pages, groups to share your Videos

I will create a playlist from some of your videos, and then we promote those, to help with View Duration. For the Subscribers, we add links for our community

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  • $5
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