I will share your poshmark listings 5,000 times


Why Choose L0d Services? Because I treat your closet like it was my own. I share with care and not just share for the sake of sharing.

I will share your listings/closet 5,000 times DURING ALL POSH PARTIES/PEAK HOURS. That is a 1,000 shares per day, 250 per 4 sessions. My sharing sessions has a 2 hour window to ensure that your closet is shared within that time frame of the two hour posh parties. This is a CURATED and disciplined sharing schedule guaranteeing that your closet WILL be shared, so there is no guessing if it was shared or not. 100% Guaranteed SHARED!!

Please note, I only share available items. Any “Not for sale” and “sold” items will be pushed down to the bottom.

What times do you share?

Shares are between 12PM to 12AM Eastern Time. The times of your shares may vary, but they will be shared during the slots of 12 to 2pm, 3 to 5pm, 7 to 9pm, 10 to 12am, during ALL 4 PARTY TIMES.

Please contact me if you have other needs. I can do custom orders for you!

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee sales. I, however can guarantee that you will have plenty views which could results in exponential growth!

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