I will high trust flow citation flow blog comment backlinks


65 Dofollow Majestic High trust flow backlinks

Get Recognized 65 Dofollow High TF CF Blog Comment backlinks,


As we all know since Google terminated PR, new SEO scales Introduced Like TF CF, DA PA. 

Now! Trust Flow significance a lot to Pass link juice from Quality backlinks


All pages where I will create your backlink will have actual Page Trust flow and Citation flow ratio not domain, that will be mentioned in excel sheet in delivery.

So, You Will Get all links from Pages having

 Trust flow 40+

Citation Flow 30+

Domain Authority 25 – 90


Our Specified Features:

*All Dofollow and well indexed pages throughout Google

* OBL may vary if you want high tf ratio However pretty low avg OBL in avg TF ratio

*Link with anchor text Dofollow attribute

* Manually hand made generic

*Multiple Keywords anchor text Suggested (for diversity)

* Detailed excel sheet with all URL sources and TF/CF/DA/PA metrics.

* Unlimited Urls keywords allowed

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Fiverr Gig Price ($) : 5

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