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Hey there! Are you a busy business owner, responding with the same dull canned response to all your customers? Or maybe you have a thriving brand, but your social media presence is a few unfollows away from being dead? Don’t beat yourself up. You have enough to worry about. You are running a business after all.

Me? My business is community management. My business is helping brands grow and treating customers with respect. The goal is to make customers fall in love with your brand, and you can’t make them fall in love with you if you’re like everyone else.

I can adapt to many different demographics – doctors, mommies, millennial, mommy millennial, millennial doctors, doctors who exclusively treat millennial, and even the cliquish community of skunk owners.

I’ve helped create active and flourishing Facebook communities. Know how to chat it up on Twitter. Love Instagram and building a brands’ personal aesthetic. I’m great at jumping in and assessing needs, setting customer service standards and processes, managing social and creating and maintaining a thriving community.

Hire with 100% confidence, I will give you quality work.

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