I will do facebook ads campaigns advertising marketing and management

I have a diploma in Digital Marketing and over 2 years of Digital Marketing experience. I expert in Facebook advertising, campaign creation, and potential audience selection with demographic, interest, and behavior. 

If needed I find out the problems of previous unsuccessful ads. A successful ad depends on:

  • Targeting the Right Audience, Strong Headlines, Appropriate and Eye-catching Images, Good Ad copy, Call-to-action button, etc.

I will solve the problems and create a successful campaign. 


I will:   

  • Provide Business Manager and AD Manager setup and settings.
  • Targeting audience research 
  • Provide Design ad Creatives.
  • Write Compelling Ad Copy. 
  • Ad details. 
  • Set the CTA button.
  • A/B Testing if needed, and 
  • A successful campaign run.

My goal is to meet 100% of my client’s needs.

I am at your service, so place an order now without hesitance.

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