I will create aromatherapy and essential oil recipes

I am Talha, I grew up seeing different Indian traditional perfumes and essential oils blends for Aroma compounding. I will create different custom recipes for your essential oils.

As a person who has a great knowledge of perfume, and scented products, so he/she must have a perfumer nose because it can only get by years of experience, and deep research, so, in this case, I can do it for you.

I will provide you with essential oils blending recipes for aromatherapy, Your order will take me in a way of deep research for providing you with a good and unique recipe.

It`s really important to know that some oils have a very strong aroma and some have a light aroma, some oils destroy the fragrance of other oils, so it`s an art to blending in a correct way, and you can get all this by continuously practising,

My services:

  • Blends for Relaxation
  • Blends for Emotional and Wellbeing
  • Blends for feeling love with your spouse
  • Blends for Deep concentration and getting Focused
  • Blends for Meditation
  • Blends for Air Freshener
  • Blends for Anger Relieving
  • Blends for Anxiety
  • Blends For Enhancing Mood
  • Blends for Sweet Sleep and much more

I will provide you recipes according to your essential oils.

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