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Are you an eCommerce store owner who wants to increase sales and leads through FB & IG ads? Do you want to scale your business soon but feel like you cannot move with a frustrating ROAS? I am a FB & IG ads expert with 3 years plus experience & 500k+ spending experience. I help eCommerce brands to increase sales and profit with double-digit ROAS (return on ad spend) directly through FB/IG ads. My main priority is to make my clients wildly successful by using the power of FB advertising.

I will make it happen through the following steps:

✔ Understanding the market and competitors’ actions, activities, and strategies.

✔ Developing a strategy based on research that can beat the competitor and grab target audiences.

✔ Designing ad copy that converts using different marketing appeals

✔ Installing and testing Facebook pixels to track the customer journey.

Segmenting the audiences and targeting the right audiences using appropriate AI tools, Facebook Marketing .

Kindly order the Shopify marketing , Facebook Ads and ecommerce marketing services now .

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