I will bulk convert svg to dxf png eps and PDF


This GIG is going to be a life saver for those artists who are selling their art on various platform. You are spending great time converting every art/ design in various format and then again creating a Zip file.

Then I am here to help you do this part for you to make your life easy.

I can guarantee to save huge time and bring peace in your work process so you just focus on ideating and designing.

All you need to do is just give perfect name to all your SVGs and send it to me via Fiverr or can provide me a downloadable link from Dropbox/ Google Drive.

And if you use Adobe Illustrator and have all your design in single artboard then simply share the single .ai file. But don’t forget to group individual design so I should be not in mess as it is your design and you know which should be what group. (Only issues, here that you will get converted files with name assest 1, assets 2…. Etc.)

What will I get?

Every single SVG file will be converted to DXF, PNG, EPS, and PDF and then zipped.

You can also contact me If you need any support in creating SVG design.



All your DESIGNS and DATA are 100% Safe.

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