I will analyze handwriting through graphology to reveal personality


Graphology is the science of revealing personality traits and characteristics of people through their handwriting and signature.

I’ll analyze any manuscript, letter or signature you send me to assess various aspects such as personality, emotions, ambitions, lust, spirituality, social behaviour etc.

I’ll send you a .PDF or .DOC document with the analysis of the sample you send me.

For best results, I will need a good quality picture or a scan of the sample you want me to analyze. If you want the Handwriting + signature, I’d suggest you send me a full letter on a white, unlined page, with at least 12-15 lines and a signature at the end.

What can you use graphology for?

·        Graphology is To know someone better. (A letter from your friend, or maybe old letters of your ancestors if you want to know how they were)

·        Human Resources. (Staff hiring, honesty or laziness of an employee)

·        Changing bad habits. (If something in your writing denotes a negative behavior, I will suggest you changes in writing which can help you with the change in life)

So it is the best time for you to get yourself analyzed for betterment in life. Hope you will enjoy my services.

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