I will do comprehensive market research and competitive analysis



Are you seeking for a comprehensive and quality Market Research, Market Analysis Report, Business Plan or Product Research?

I am a market research analyst specialized in working with already existing businesses, start ups, small businesses and businesses who are looking into expansion.

I will conduct market research across sectors with in-depth report on sales, market research analysis, competitor analysis and pitch deck.

My top priority is to provide quality well detailed research for your business.

I specialize in providing:

  • Market research analysis & reports
  • Product research
  • Web research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Investment pitch deck

The market research & competitor analysis report covers:

  • Market size
  • Current market situations/trends
  • Risks & opportunities
  • SWOT, TAM, Portal 5 Forces
  • Challenges
  • Distribution channels

Competitor Analysis

  • General company background
  • Technology base
  • Customer base
  • Advertising & marketing strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Pricing
  • Target market
  • Sales strategy
  • Financial report
  • and more…

N.B: My report covers all industries

Feel free to send a message to discuss what’s best for your project

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