Cooling Pillows for Sleeping for Neck Pain Relief


Nearly 70 percent of reviewers gave this pillow a five-star rating, with many saying it has helped put an end to their sleepless nights. One shopper, who calls this the “best pillow I have ever owned,” writes, “I normally toss and turn all night. I don’t think I’ve moved much since I started using the pillow. It’s absolutely wonderful soft but supportive and keeps its shape.”

Sleepers who run hot found this pillow particularly effective as well, like one who says, “In the three nights I have slept on this pillow, I am very happy cooling pillow amazon to report that has NOT been the case. I even use a pillowcase over the pillow.” And those who suffer from headaches also call this pillow a helpful aid.

 “For years, I have woken up with headaches nearly every day. My neck would feel sore, and eventually that would turn into a debilitating lights-out, complete-silence-only migraine,” explains one reviewer.

 “Since I received my pillow, I haven’t once woken up with a sore neck or had a headache.” Another shopper, who has cooling pillow tried pillows from Tempur-Pedic and SleepRight, says this one beats out the competitors: “I have neck pain and migraine headaches, and this pillow has provided relief.” And one reviewer who has been using it for the past year is still impressed, so much so that “I now take it with me everywhere because I can’t stand to sleep on anything else.”

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