Choosing the best cooling pillow

Choosing the right pillow for your comfort is actually almost as important as your mattress choice. Pillows help support your head and neck in the proper position through the night to ensure a good night’s sleep. Since your cervical alignment is crucial to your overall health, the attention you pay to what you rest your head upon shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Your overall health is very closely tied to the amount and quality of sleep you get each night. Choosing a pillow based on store availability is a bad decision.

It is easy to get slightly bamboo cooling pillow confused when on the hunt for the perfect pillow, especially when you are faced with the many different pillow sizes and dimensions available. Below we’ve outlined what these common pillow sizes are in order to help you make an informed decision over what you may personally need.

Although many companies may offer various pillow sizes, there is a standard acceptable size used within the sleep industry to help guide consumers in their search for the perfect pillow. Pillowcases also follow these general guidelines in order to provide a product that is an acceptable fit to the pillows you purchase.


The most commonly found pillow sizes are explained below, both for sleeping, as well as for decor. It is important to understand how these sizes can affect your sleep comfort as “bigger” is not necessarily “better”. Many people buy best cooling pillow based upon their bed sizes, but what they need to pay attention to is how those pillow sizes may influence their posture through the night. A pillow that is too narrow may not allow enough room for combination sleepers who are prone to movement, and too wide a pillow may have too much material for a narrowly shouldered sleeper.


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