I will do perfect data entry, data copy and paste with document typing

Favorite0Hello everyone, Are you looking to extract, collect and collate data, web Directory, or any other documents like PDF, Word, or scanned file. Are you looking to transform hardcopy documents to softcopy for easy access and use for tracking sales and expenditure, creating and managing inventories, POS reconciliation, and data analysis You’re at the right place!  I am Shine Rose. I […]

I will offer professional proofreading and editing service

Favorite0Hi Are you pressed for time, and you’re looking for prompt, meticulous editing and proofreading? ShineRose is here to offer you professional Proofreading and Editing services. Since your ability to communicate well on paper can influence your credibility at work or among your colleagues, I am motivated to help ensure your dissertation, business proposal, resume, or book of […]