I will build nft marketplace on aptos chain, nft minting website, smart contract

Favorite0OWN AN NFT MARKETPLACE WEBSITE IN ANY LANGUAGE ! Do you want to launch NFT Marketplace where you can advertise your NFT for sale? If yes, I will help you to create, manage & monetize an NFT marketplace website + crypto NFT mobile app. WHY ME? My team and I designed BESPOKE NFT website, ANGELDAO NFTs on […]

I will create exchange website, aptos smart contract, crypto wallet app, token listing

Favorite0The success of projects in crypto space is as a result of useful product (starting with a token launch and listing) marked with great devs, credibility, security, interoperability, great utility and fulfillment. Do you want to also embark on your own crypto project journey? Would you want to create your own token? Perhaps a BEP20, ERC20, […]

I will frontrunning uniswap bot pancakeswap sniper bot, arbitrage trading bot

Favorite0FRONTRUNNING UNISWAP BOT…PANCAKESWAP BOT…SNIPER BOT….ARBITRAGE CRYPTO TRADING BOT DEVELOPMENT ! Do you know that the fast and best way to beat a crypto trade market is if you’re one step ahead of others ? -I will develop a high performing Crypto trading bots that automatically buys and sells various crypto token at the right time with the […]

I will audit smart contract, create ethereum, solana, aptos nft smart contract

Favorite0You will get Gas-efficient, secure and audit-proof smart contracts development for any network (ETH, BSC, APTOS, SOLANA, name it…) written in Solidity, Move, Rust -Fully-commented code Due to the crucial role security plays in the blockchain industry, there is need to audit-proof against any private user data leaks and bugs in smart contracts. That is […]