I will create 3d game trailer, 3d game animation, video game trailer, cinematic trailer

Favorite0Are you seeking for a captivating video game, 3D animation, video game, or game trailer for your gaming project that will hold the interest of the viewers? Before people have a chance to play your game, a 3D game trailer movie has the capacity to pique their attention and stir up their emotions. The greatest way to display the features of […]

I will 3d animation video, 2d 3d animated music video, 3d cartoon character animation

Favorite0HELLO, YOU ARE WELCOME TO MY GIG Are you worried about finding high-quality 2D & 3D animation videos and realistic or cartoon 3D characters for your brand or business? Stop worrying if that is the case. I’m prepared to use my expertise and professionalism to provide for you high-quality 3d animation video, 3d animated music video, 3d cartoon music. […]

I will create a realistic 3d car model, 3d car animation video, and 3d car render

Favorite0Hello Dear, Are you looking for an animator to help you turn your concept or idea into a high-caliber automotive animation video? If yes, starting this job would be the ideal choice for you. I am devoted to transforming what your automobile offers, the concept, and idea into a visually stunning 3D car animation film that aims […]

I will create realistic clothing for 3d modelling, 3d rigging, second life

Favorite0HELLO!! Are you seeking for a 3d expert to assist you in creating and animating high-quality second life designs? I’ll work with you to create gorgeous outfits and accessories for your second life character ( virtual life )/vrchart I’ve worked on many costumes and apparel meshes for second life such as : Legacy, Kupra, BBL, Maitreya, Jake, Venus, Freya, and […]

I will make vr chat avatar, 3d model for vrchat, vtuber and oculus quest

Favorite0Are you seeking for a 3d expert to assist you in creating high-quality models for your VR chart avatar ? I’ve got you covered, I’m a skilled modeler who has been in this field for more than five years of experience, who can also assist with character modeling, rigging, and texturing of VR chart avatar, vrchat, vtuber and […]