I will do 10 top music blog placement and 10 music video submission


You are highly welcome to this special gig description. Read some reasonable quotes bellow.

I know you are looking for get off your music from unknown status to popular stages with great fans which are not achieve with ordinary method or with only social media shared.

I can assure you that most stream place for music in bl0g, radio, Tv then 10% from social media.

What are the importance in music bl0g placement?

  • Bl6g rank your music on google and it larger place for 60% of music stream.
  • They’re Easier to Get in Touch with
  • They’ll Push Your Music Much Harder Than Large ordinary social promotion
  • Their Audiences are Fiercely Loyal
  • Blog can get bombarded with submissions just because there are so many artists looking to get put on and validated
  • Although doing a little research and pitching your song doesn’t take too much time individually, it can add up if you’re pitching to a bunch of them for every release

Don’t just blindly hire someone to submit to any bl.og just without effect.

We’ll still need to do some research on what are the right bl.ogs for your songs.

Take step towards better time and resource management of your career with music bl0g placement

Order me now!!!

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