How to keep my listings active and visible?

All FiverrBox members may have some questions and need answers.


I have listed my Fiverr gigs in FiverrBox. Now what?

My Fiverr Gigs were visible front page for some time recently and now they are lost in the directory. What to do to keep them active and visible?

I have shared FiverrBox listings (meaning my Fiverr gigs) with friends and groups. Now what?

Everything depends on you as a member.

First time listing

After your Fiverr gig’s submission is described exactly as in Fiverr, FiverrBox shares your Fiverr gigs on socials. Using buttons in your Dashboard, you can access these FiverrBox social posts and share them with friends forums, pages, and groups.

As a member of FiverrBox, you already know the most important of sharing your services is to share FiverrBox links instead of Fiverr links. If you don’t know why this is important yet, then you have to read “How Fiverr Works – Evaluating and ranking your services in Fiverr” by clicking the button at the bottom of this tutorial. It is important as you may destroy your Fiverr gigs ranking in Fiverr. In the tutorial, you will clearly understand why this happens. 

You can also use buttons at the bottom of your gigs to share them. Many sellers follow Fb groups trying to spread the word about their gigs. As the posts are shown by only 5% – 10% of the followers or members of groups, the sellers share and reshare them for a week their gigs or make comments to share them with more viewers. In FiverrBox we do not share Fiverr links on socials. We do not approach people on socials to see your description on Fiverr as the possibility to order is too low. We share FiverrBox listings to approach people to see your description outside Fiverr and link only those who are interested to make an order. So we don’t care how many people see our description in FiverrBox as this doesn’t change Fiverr indicators negatively.


FiverrBox is a Fiverr Gigs Promotion Directory. Its purpose is to present your Fiverr services and your talents.

There is also an option that can make your gigs visible first page for a month becoming our Premium member. This is for sellers who can afford the discount price of 7.95$ per month to list all their gigs as newly published and shared multiple times to our socials. Click to check our subscription plans 

Your Fiverr gigs create backlinks in FiverrBox. So, do not delete your gigs to create them again just to be seen as recent and to be reshared. First of all, you destroy what you have created as a backlink because your previous listing doesn’t exist and is broken. According to our Terms Of Service, this is not allowed, your account will be suspended and your gigs will be deleted from FiverrBox and our socials.

Try to share them massively or to advertise. It doesn’t affect your Fiverr gigs and is not forbidden from Fiverr as you don’t advertise your Fiverr gigs links.

And remember. Read carefully “How Fiverr Works – Evaluating and ranking your services in Fiverr” 

As we have already mentioned, we are trying to do the best for your services. Follow us and support our effort for the promotion of your services by sharing our website and socials with your friends, pages, groups, and audiences.

 FiverrBox is keeping your Fiverr Gigs safe and promoted.