I will set up klaviyo flows shopify sales funnel for shopify store

Hello everyone Klaviyo flows or Klaviyo email workflow is a remarketing strategy that helps Shopify stores to boost the tendency of making Shopify sales. How does this work? Klaviyo remarketing process is like a process by which your visitors can be later on converted even if they did not convert the first instance, they visit […]

I will setup converting facebook ads campaign to boost shopify sales conversion

ABOUT THIS SERVICE FACEBOOK ADS CAMPAIGN Facebook ads are targeted to users based on their location, demographic, and profile information and most ideal and cost-effective way to reach out to the audience It’s the ability to reach your exact audience and one of the most popular types of online ads (Facebook ads campaign) What I […]

I will set up a landing page sales funnel and automation series

ABOUT THIS SERVICE WHY DO I NEED A SALES FUNNEL? You need a sales funnel because this is a process that will let you upsell and even down-sell all this is meant to retain your buyers. You will be able to continue selling to them for years to come. With an effective sales funnel, you can magnanimously increase […]

I will run massive promotion and help your trovo and twitch channel

GROW YOUR TROVO OR TWITCH CHANNEL FOR MORE ORGANIC TRAFFIC TWITCH is a broad platform, the world leading live streaming platform for streamers With Twitch you can transform your hobbies into business but it is not easy as it seems. If you have decide to transform your hobbies into business then you need a professional […]

I will setup social media promotion to drive traffic and boost shopify

ABOUT GIG Getting high-quality web traffic is the first step to get more site sales. To get traffic, you need better exposure, better reach, and more awareness. I will promote your website/Store to get more exposure, awareness, and better to get more web traffic and sales How will I do this? Google Ads Facebook Ads […]