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Write A Professional Press Release And Distribute It to 100 high PR websites

Do you wish to announce something to the public? Issue bulletins, handouts or make a newsworthy statement? Then you have come to the right place to help you do exactly so. I am an experienced public relations expert with vast experience and in-depth knowledge about creating captivating press releases. It is beyond doubt that a captivating press release is an essential tool in bringing you to the limelight while making your news known to the whole world.

I can assure you that distributing a good press release is one of the sure ways that your website can gain exposure as well as gain high-quality backlinks. Probably you have not used a press release before, but I would like to believe that you have heard about them. Though not as popular as they were in the SEO community some years ago, they still are essential.

You may be wondering whether or not a press release is still relevant in 2019 or if it is worth investing in this SEO tool. Yes, press releases are still relevant, and I can assure you that any investment you make into getting a press release done by me will be worth your every penny. Press releases help in search engine optimization and can also function as a marketing tool.

However, it is important to note that most people in the market fail to understand what it entails to create a good press release and in the long run they end up creating content that harms websites. I can assure you that with my services, you can rest assured that the quality of press releases I will produce for you will not do any harm to your website.

The importance of press releases in SEO

It is essential to have any information regarding your company published on a reputable news site to promote your brand and also for SEO.

How is it important for SEO? Backlinks obtained from press releases promote your SEO. This is how it happens; once publishers from different news sites start to talk about you, you will begin to get massive backlinks from them and other webmasters that will read the news. It is important to note that backlinks from webmasters and news sites hold high amounts of equity in the market.

You can agree with me that building backlinks are usually arduous tasks to perform, leave alone creating quality ones. Creating them naturally without buying them or using PBNs is quite tricky too. How I build my press releases makes the entire backlink creation process easy and quick. This is because I create original, high-quality press releases without using any risky tricks. You should understand that if the work is done in the wrong manner, it will not only make it impossible to get good quality backlinks, but it will also lead to penalties.

What I can guarantee you if you work with me

To make my services unique, I ensure that the following are available for all my clients:

•    Customized press release (AP style of writing)

•    As many work revisions as you may desire

•    Follow-up messages tailored to your audience written in line with the style of your brand

•    Content on trending subjects for increased media interest

•    Use of quotes from one of your company’s executives

•    Immediate response to any questions you may have

•    The press release articles are all Copyscape-cleared

How I will help you avoid press release spams

It is important to point out that most organizations have made it their primary focus to create and distribute press releases in almost all press release platforms forgetting that other important things should be done to improve their business. Most of these platforms allow people to post as many press releases as they can for free because they get their profits from advertising.

However, even those platforms that charge a fee for one to post his/her news also have tons of irrelevant articles. This is because most people prefer using the press release platforms compared to getting a webmaster’s service because of the high charges charged for backlinks and guest posts.

The presence of excess and irrelevant content on the press release websites causes a decline in their quality. Only a few companies and sites can maintain the relevance of their websites. They can do so by only allowing a limited number of logged in users to post their press releases on their websites.

Therefore, I can assure you that I will post a press release that is aimed at attracting the attention of reporters and not solely to generate backlinks.

Why has the popularity of press releases declined over the years?

The main factor that has caused the decline n popularity of websites is SPAM content. With the growth of the internet and SEO market, the rate at which journalists and news editors were getting spammed also increased. As a result, they began to filter the news stories they were receiving heavily. With time, press releases became less effective in terms of how they could be accessed.

Another reason why press releases became less popular is because of the penalties charged on massive link building.

However, I can assure you that I am going to guide you in focusing on the right things for your business which includes; improving your business, website, products, and services and most importantly issuing high quality and captivating press releases.

You only require the attention of a single reporter from a renowned site and other things will follow. I am going to help you achieve precisely that; get the right reporter to notice you. I can assure you that you have higher chances of getting noticed if you take my services because I work by targeting specific individual reporters. I will ensure that if your news is about gaming, I get a reporter that’s a gamer too and if your story is about medical issues, I will get a reporter that has a deep interest in the health sector.

Making your press release distribution effective

Here are the things that I will do to make the distribution of your press release effective;

•    I will create a killer headline

•    Generate interesting content

•    Make the press release short and straight forward

•    Distribute the work to relevant platforms

•    Monitor all the results

I make all my press releases effective by avoiding some mistakes such as;

I.    Writing just about anything- an effective press release should only be about an exciting, innovative and original topic. Anything that does not fit the above standards is a waste of time.

II.    Constantly spamming editors- editors and reporters filter out spam articles coming from a single individual especially if the articles are not interesting enough.

III.    Posting on very many press release platforms- I only focus on posting my press releases on relevant and reputable platforms, those that have the right audience for your organization.

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Write A 300 word Unique And Professional English text or article


Did you know that there are over a million websites out there competing for eyeballs? In the online world, there is nothing that has more demand than content creation services. The use of website articles is the best medium through which you can let the world know about what you offer as a business entity or organization. Written content will always be the backbone of your online presence be it our website or social media pages. Additionally, online content is a primary factor in determining your website rankings on search engines and if whether or not the website gets stuck in the sandbox.

Why you should hire me

If you are tired of having weak web content that does not contribute anything to your bottom line, you should order my gig to add more life to your website. Wouldn’t it be awesome that your site becomes a selling tool through captivating SEO articles? I am a professional blogger and copywriter with a vast range of experience in creating unique content. I will provide you with compelling, unique and optimised content that will significantly boost your web conversion rate.

This gig will take your inbound marketing strategy to the next level. As you know, it is possible to find similar services on other freelancer platforms that will offer to create content for lower rates than mine. However, you are more likely to end up with spun, low quality, unreadable content that will turn away potential customers. I believe that with my content creation skills, you are going to get real value for the financial resources you will have invested in me. I will ensure that the message you wish to convey to your existing and potential clients is expressed in a clear, complete and interactive manner.

What kind of content should you expect?

The first step I take when I get an order is to conduct comprehensive research on the internet about the required topic. This research conducted through highly authoritative websites, and therefore the content I deliver is fact-based. Once I complete the research, I will manually write an article that has zero punctuation and grammatical mistakes. The keywords that you have provided will be spread naturally in the article, and therefore you are assured of getting a better rank on various search engines especially Google.

The content that I create is always original, informative and well-structured to meet your needs. All articles undergo proofreading, readability tests and ensuring that the keyword density is as required before I submit the work to my clients. I use materials such as Grammarly and Copyscape premium to ensure that you have 100% original content that will grow your blog or develop your brand. I will also add an extra set of LSI related keywords to the content that you order to ensure the keyword density is optimised to prudent and safe levels.

What you should expect when you work with me

    Premium quality

    VIP 24/7 support

    Great discounts on bulk orders

    Native English fluency

    Fast loading, HD, relative and copyright free image per article (If requested)

    Internal/External links and anchors

    An outline before article completion (if requested)

    Prompt delivery

I provide content for the following purposes:

Blog Posts

Website pages


Pinterest Pins (Split the words up.)

Foundation Link

Reviewing products

Website reviews or Company Reviews

Amazon Reviews

Amazon Descriptions

Shopify Descriptions

Guest Post

Creative Writing

SEO articles

Technical Review

Product Descriptions

Products Page

Portfolio/Catalogue Page

Any Custom Page

How to order

There are various packages that you can select in your order. For example; Three 500 word articles in the standard package, or Six 500 word articles in the premium package. Make sure you specify the total desired word count when you place an order. You should also provide the following;

# Blog or website URL

# Topic outline

# Keywords that you desire to rank for

# Project instructions

I am always ready to discuss your needs and provide you with samples of my articles upon request.  Please contact me if you are not sure about what you are looking for or if you have any questions about my services. I will gladly help you in coming up with catchy topics for your content if you do not have one in mind. You can also request for a custom order if you have requirements that have not been aforementioned above. I offer 100% money back guarantee if the articles delivered fail to meet your expectations. What are you waiting for? Hurry! Low prices are for limited time only! Place an order, and I will have it ready in no time!!

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Get the best listing service for a higher ranking on all search engines!!

I will provide you with 15 high PR local citation service for your website.

I perform the hands-on part of work when it comes to setting up your Online Brand for more visibility in reputable local directories. The whole work is done in a manual way, ensuring that your URL is seen on top local directories. All you need to do is contact me and I will deliver the services to you. This will ensure that your barns details and other information are included in the entry designed. Specialization is letting me, a professional, do the work for you as you focus on other roles in building your brand. This will eliminate the possibilities of errors occurring in a given entry in the local directories. The last thing you want is to give your clients a negative impression of your brand. My professional expertise will ensure that your online business grows with massive traffic and several seamless benefits.

How do you submit to these local directories?

You might be curious about how I get the work done, the trick is getting it done 100% manually. This will be ensured by my experience and expertise together with a wide range of skills that will get your business popular on high-end PR local directories.

*Here’s a breakdown of the process I commence by selecting a local directory or a number of them which are relevant for your business. 

I create a unique email account that will be used for the submissions.

Your business will be checked in the directories if it’s already listed or not. If already listed, I will check for a directory where it isn’t.

I then upload your brand details as sent by you. The next step is checking on verification emails.

After the listing is approved, the profile URL is grabbed and compiled in a report. If not, the login information for that directory is provided in a report, allowing for checking on the listing at a later date.

The full Report is then sent out to you

What happens when your business is already listed on a local directory?

If your business is already listed on a local directory, I will first check if it is accurate. If so, then I will find a new high PR directory to list your business. In other words, I will always strive to deliver to you fresh submissions as promised in my service packages, by finding you replacement directories if the usual directories I submit to already have your business listing.

What kind of business information is submitted to these local directories? 

I submit the following details about your business as received from you.


Keywords or tags


Number of Employees

Business Name

Operating Hours

Year Founded

Owner’s Name

Full Address

Phone & Fax

Business Email

Link to Video

Social Media Links (Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, etc.)

Business logo


List of directories (If you want to provide your own list)

Do you guarantee that your submissions will result in live listings?

The majority of my listings will be on auto-approve directories. However, when directories only accept approved listings, I sincerely cannot fully guarantee that your submission will result in a listing. What I can assure you is that my work is greatly recommended by those I have worked for and they can surely show how good it is.

How do I verify my listings?

You will receive a complete and comprehensive report once your order is complete. In the case that a particular directory is an auto-approve directory, your profile URL will be included in the report. If a directory manually approves listings, you will get login information which gives you the freedom to monitor the performance of your listing.

How do I choose local directories to submit to? 

There are a number of factors that are considered when I select my directory database. For one, I look for a directory that has a reputation as a high PR directory.

Secondly, I go for one that will guarantee huge traffic to your business; since traffic is the backbone of any online business. I also consider the strictness and the probability that your listing will be successfully approved.

How do you shortlist the final directories from a list of many that you find?

My directory poster is experienced enough to shortlist the best directories that your business should be listed regardless of whether or not multiple results are found. In instances where ambiguity exists, my poster will peep into your competitor sites to see where they have posted, and match them. This will ensure that your business is at appropriate directories and aimed at the right online niche.

Our posters will also specifically search for directories that have popularity in a certain locality, this will give you an upper hand against your competitors.

What makes your directory listing service different from others?

As mentioned before, the service I offer is based on a manual platform. I don’t design listings merely to deliver you a report, on the contrary, I work to actually provide you with link juice, PR juice and traffic, and SEO juice as well.

Furthermore, I distinguish myself from the competition by doing the following;

No duplicate listings – you can be rest assured that I will never upload duplicate listings and will strive to design unique directories to post on, even if your business is already listed on some local directories

High PR, quality directories – I work with directories that have high and reputable PR and always choose directories that are popular and that generate a lot of traffic

Ripple effect directory listings – this is guaranteed by the fact that I am selective and go for high-quality directories to list your business in, you can expect future organic listings as there are plenty of new/small directory sites that re-publish the listings of directories that I submit to, to give you an ever-growing number of listings.

Manual work – I use a manual system to deliver my services which ensures that I deliver work that’s specifically tailored for your business’s needs. No artificial intelligence such as bots is used at any point.

The cost will depend on the number of submissions that you order. Please see packages and their corresponding costs listed below.

15 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $15

40 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $40

80 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $80

120 High PR Local Directory Submissions – $120

Please contact me if you want a custom order that has requirements which have not been listed on my packages

**********High DA ************High PR *********** you will see my service is excellent !
Order your report today…!

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