write any type of erotic fiction or fantasy story

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For your EROTICA AND ROMANCE WRITING, are you looking for a highly experienced, imaginative and professional eBook writer? Look No More futher

Is there a tantalizing story you need to put into words but can’t quite seem to get right?

I’m here to write an interesting #erotic stories# and #erotic writing# BDSM, Kinky, and NSFW writing for you as professional #Erotic story writer# with over 8 years experience.

I’ll write you a captivating and engaging EROTICA AND ROMANCE eBook on any topic or niche that’ll place you ahead of your contenders.

I will bring words to your wildest imagination. I am up to compose to name a few on any category

  • Humiliation and insults
  • Vanilla 
  • Bdsm
  • exhibition and voyeurism
  • non-con or reluctance
  • toys

I put my commitment into work at 100 per cent If you have any questions and I’m going to reply as soon as possible, I’m going to check your story to make sure there are no punctuation, grammar , spelling or syntax errors to make sure it has what you want me to include.I am still on time so that the delivery time should not be in question.



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