Proof read your documents in english

If you employ my services, you get my services –
Editing novels and books to the highest standard require a great amount of skill and education.
My goal is to make your paper, email or document shine!
My proofreading and editing service covers an array of documents, including:
E-books (fiction or non-fiction)
Academic essays
Blog posts
Cover letters
E-mails (personal or business)
Short stories
Technical documents

The size of your document is not an issue; I consistently edit documents ranging from 1,250 words to 100,000 words each week.

Included in my proofreading/editing service:
Full grammar, punctuation, and spelling checks
Tense issues
Rephrasing occasional poor sentence structure
Microsoft Word Track Changes as standard

I do not accept:
Excessively broken English

If you have any requirements contact me.
Please note: This gig if solely for proofreading and not rewriting

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