I will write to you an erotic or romance short story

Hello, valuable purchaser, 
I will compose your most wild dreams to words. I am in the state of mind for making on any characterization to give a few models, 
  1.  Shame and discourtesy 
  2.  Vanilla 
  3.  Bdsm 
  4.  Introduction and voyeurism 
  5.  Non-con or aversion 
  6.  Toys 
I put my 100% effort into work. In case you have any requests contact me and I’ll respond as quick as could sensibly be normal, I’ll re-think your story and guarantee there are no compliment, language structure, spelling, or etymological structure bumbles and guarantee it fuses what you need me to join. I am reliably immediate with the objective that you should not have a vulnerability about the transport time. In every way that really matters watched (and read) it all, so don’t be hesitant to give me points of interest on the most capable strategy to revive your most profound needs. Potentially you’ll even amaze me. Or then again potentially I will astound you! 
Custom courses of action are reliably welcome – Please message me with your needs. 
On the off chance that it’s not all that much difficulty message me before presenting the solicitation. 
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