I will write SEO horror, fantasy, crime stories, articles and blogs


Hi Buyers!

Looking for a scary Horror, science fiction, crime stories, horror script or

sci-fiction Articles/ blogs?

I am a proficient writer in the field of sci-fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and crime blogs, stories and script writing. I can make your idea come to life. 

As a professional content writer, I write the story on a variety of horror styles and subgenres including:

  • Horror/Suspense
  • Crime Thrillers
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Supernatural Horror
  • Sci-fi Horror
  • Psychological Horror
  • Paranormal Horror
  • Gothic Horror
  • Cosmic Horror
  • Horror Comedy 
  • Romantic/Love Horror
  • Creepy Crimes
  • History Crime
  • Romance
  • Stories based on History
  • Just knock me whatever you need a scary horror stories, scripts, or blog!

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