I will write great christian, sermon, devotional, christian ebook

Ghostwrite Great Christian, sermon ebook, self help ebook, Christian ebook

Hello and Welcome,

My name is Edward Bolton, and I’m a professional christian book and eBook Ghostwriter.

My skill is to create and write christian books and christian eBooks about Christian topics for clients. It is not limited to any particular topic in both the old and new testaments. It could come from any book of the Bible.



Some of my photographs depict magazines and anthologies you will like to see. {you will see them when you contact me}.

Scripture book, Christian, mystery, humor, children lesson book, home school, gift, young adult, modern, and genre or non-genre are my favorite genres.

I work hard to guarantee you that!!

  • There will be no “telling” stories that bore, only “showing” stories that engage.
  • There are no large blocks of world-building, but there are solid scene settings.
  • There will be no monologues or exaggerated thoughts, only realistic dialogue.
  • There are no all-powerful characters, only relatable ones.
  • There will be no romance novels or erotica. I’m also not a big fan of profanity.


Kindly contact me now,so we can work together!!!

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