I will write etsy product descriptions, 13 tags for etsy listings

About This Gig

Your Etsy listings will have the power of accurate descriptions behind them. Packed with enticing copy and verbiage that “asks for the sale”, these packages will help your item be seen using relevant wording and enticing descriptions. This copywriting service is great for those who are seeking to not only increase their sales but also want to ensure that grammar and spelling are correct.

With my services, you will receive:

·        Grammatically correct descriptions of your Etsy Listings.

·        No spelling errors in your listings.

·        Powerfully written wording that entices buyers to complete the sale.

·        Descriptions that are as creative as you are.

·        Open communications to ensure that I am providing you the services that you are paying for.

·        Prompt and timely completion of your project.

·        Wording that is easy to understand and easily grasped by the prospective buyer.

·        Happiness upon completion of your project.

Depending on product, all descriptions will be between the 100 word range (including titles and tags) and will always be creatively written to entice the buyer to complete the sale.

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