I will write engaging podcast show notes within 24 hours


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I guess you are looking to create attractive show notes that the search engines can crawl and index, so as to enable your podcast show up in relevant searches, generate more traffic and more listeners. You are in the right place.

I listen and use keywords and phrases to write podcast show notes that summarises the episode in a way that allows you to engage with your listeners, provide them with the relevant steps to take on what they just listened to, and convince new listeners to hit the play button. My show notes are well formatted, SEO friendly, easy to navigate and, hit the high points (the parts of the episode that are intriguing) to create curiosity and persuade target audience to take action.

What You Can Expect-

  • Succinct Summary
  • Segment Timestamps for easy navigation
  • Quotes from the episode
  • Relevant Links
  • And much more

Order now and let’s get started or contact me for any further questions


NOTE: I am open to custom order. Kindly tell me what you want and it will be done. Your instructions will be followed to the very last!


Fiverr Gig URL: https://www.fiverr.com/lezdigital/write-engaging-podcast-show-notes-within-24-hours

Fiverr Gig Price ($) : 10

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