I will write bible studies, devotional christian books, christian ebook

I am passionate about hospitality and believe deeply in advocating for the the stranger, the broken, and the displaced through helping them find their true Place – the Kingdom of God.

I will explore my faith through my writing skills which is probably why it attracted modern readers and perhaps non Christian believers as well. My writings mainly focused on the character of God and how that influenced the faith.

As writers, I want to make a difference and impact in people’s lives (at least that’s our hope). Moreover, as Christians I want to impact people for eternity. And yet, if we’re honest, it so easy to lose focus, grow discouraged, and compare ourselves to others.

As a Christian pastor/preacher, I try to motivate the people at my church to step out of the shell of their personal comfort zones and serve the people around them, all for the glory of God, by the way. I encourage them to pray about it, to imagine themselves doing it, and subtly–or maybe not so subtly–remind them that their omnipotent God also expects them to do it.



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