I will translate from english to the yoruba language

Here comes amazing and interesting LANGUAGE of the WEST AFRICA, NIGERIA, is a country blessed with rich culture especially YORUBA land, OMO OODUA, A place where our behavior shows that we are HONEST, RESPECTFUL, TOLERANCE, SENSE OF HUMOR, HARD WORKING, etc. We believe we came from MECCA, BY ODUDUWA, the son of LAMURUDU.

    Are you from Nigeria and you live other parts of the world and finds it difficult to express your language?. Translating from English to Yoruba will be a project I will handle and get you the greatest joy. Even if you are from Nigeria, you are also welcome. Translating to our original language demands hard-working, working with you will be my pleasure
  I will translate English to Yoruba and vice versa, I will also send an audio voice to make you get familiar with your culture and your mother tongue, Let tech our children our language so that Yoruba will not a thing of a past.
Are you out of Nigeria this is the platform you must not miss, teach your child or neighbor your mother tongue, I will also send the name of the food in our mother tongue as a bonus if I receive your message. OODUA A GBE WA O

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