I will ghostwrite your fantasy idea into page turner

I will ghostwrite your fantasy and sci fi ideas into a page gripping story

Looking for a ghost not just capable of being invisible but writing too? You’ve come to the right one.

I’ve wandered through life creating fictional worlds and characters that appear just as real as your next door neighbor.

Working with authors to flesh out their ideas into reality has been my passion. I carry this passion to every single project, committing myself to the story and the world in need of a builder.

Passion and skills have helped me with authors before to help create page turning fantasy novels for them.

What I do.

  • Given an idea, I write an engaging story around it, keeping readers at the edge of their seats till the very end.
  • I expand on written texts, ghostwrite them into something far more better.
  • I make sure every single story I take on matters to me, that way, my commitment is unwavering until the story turns into the best goddamn fantasy novel it can be.

Let’s get started.

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