I will ghostwrite a professionally self help ebook for you


Non-Fiction Ebooks | Self-Help Ebooks | Motivational Ebooks | Business and Investment Ebooks | Personal Development.

I’m a seasoned professional with solid, practical expertise in writing, editing, content development, author services, public relations and media relations. 

Likewise, my years of experience in writing is such that requires me to offer a wide range of writing services, and some of them include:

* Motivation, Mindfulness, Personal development

* Law of attraction

* stress management, Time management

* Medical writing

* Emotional Intelligence

* Body language

* Anxiety, depression, PTSD, Substance Use Disorder, Insomnia self-help

* Stoicism

* Meditation, Yoga & Workout

* Hypnosis, Psychology

* Dieting

* Holistic health

* Spirituality

* Non-fiction creative topics

* Business, Leadership

What you can expect from this gig:

100% original content that offers tremendous value

Thorough background research 

Easy readability

Full copyright

Perfect layout and formatting

If you have any thoughts or ideas then don’t hesitate to get in touch. I am here to support you throughout the production process.

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