I will be ebook writer and self help ebook writer

Are you committed to reaching an important audience with your message?

Do you want tell your story? Grow your business?

I am a Professional SELF HELP Writer who is passionate about inspiring others to follow their passions.

I’ll help you get your manuscript polished up and ready to publish! Catering to self help-publishing authors, I can format your book in multiple ready-to-upload formats

I specialize in writing on the six key aspects of life — Physical (Health & Fitness, alternative medicine), Mental (Mental health, Psychotherapies, holistic healing), Emotional (Self-confidence, Motivation, Emotional Intelligence) Social (Dating, Relationships, ) Financial (Business, marketing) and Spiritual (Meditation, Philosophy). 

As more and more authors turn to self-publishing methods, I understand that producing a high-quality product is key to making your self help book stand out from the crowd.

Whatever those final hurdles are to getting your self help book in the hands of eager readers, I’ll help you make the jump!

looking forward to hear from you soon


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